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The Seasons - Winter


Winter : November 15 - March 15

Winter is one of the most beautiful times of year here in Southwest Montana. Contrary to popular belief, however, there is some fantastic fishing around Bozeman, even during the coldest winter months. Typical storm patterns cover the area in bitter cold weather a few times a year, but there are typically more days above freezing than not. These mild winter days can offer fantastic fishing in complete solitude under the snow-capped peaks of the region.

The topography of Southwest Montana results in varied weather patterns across a relatively small area; so even though it may be windy and snowy in Bozeman, the weather in Livingston can be 20 degrees warmer and calm. We typically fish the main rivers or the Paradise Valley spring creeks during the winter months and prefer walk wade trips as many of the rivers become difficult to float in January and February. The variety of options around Bozeman makes it possible to fish just about everyday of the year!

The weather can be quite variable this time of year, so we work with our guests to try to pick the best days depending on the weather. In most cases, we recommend trying to add a few days of fishing on to a ski trip or wait until a week before your planned trip to finalize a winter fishing trip. We can usually get a good idea of what the conditions will be like with a week's notice as we watch the weather very closely this time of year. Regardless of the weather, winter is spectacular around Bozeman and the fishing can be outstanding.