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Fins & Feathers is home to one of the premier western fly fishing guide services. As the only fly fishing outfitter in Bozeman to be endorsed by Orvis, and the "2010 Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitter of the Year", we have a proven track record of providing exceptional guided trips to clients from around the world. Whether you are new to the sport or an expert fly fisher, our combination of fisheries and experienced guides is as good as it gets!

We guide on a variety of waters around Montana  with an emphasis on the waters around Bozeman - where our fly shop is located. In addition to the legendary waters of Southwest Montana, we have expanded our area of operation to include the various watersheds in the Missoula area. Our guides travel around the state, spending parts of the year (especially May & June during the spring runoff) on the Missouri and Bighorn Rivers. With a full time guide staff located throughout Montana, there is hardly anyplace in Montana that we don't fish on a regular basis.


In terms of fisheries, our (home base) operation centers on the local waters around Bozeman such as the Yellowstone, Madison, and Gallatin River drainages. Each of these watersheds is characterized by over 100 miles of quality wild trout waters, accented by the occasional spring creek, small stream, and various reservoirs. In addition to these primary fisheries, we also operate in the Missouri, Bighorn, and Jefferson River Basins.

Our home waters are large rivers which typically make floating the best choice for many of our guided trips. Fishing from a drift boat is definitely the most productive means for covering much of our regional waters, but we will usually do some wading on most days given our guests fitness levels are appropriate. There are also many options for the wade fisherman including private spring creeks, small streams and portions of some of the larger rivers. All of the Fins & Feathers guide team can confidently and safely lead our guests on any of the multitude of regional fisheries whether it is from the boat or on foot.


Western Montana is well known for it's rich diversity of fisheries as well. Using Missoula as a base of operation, our guides west of the divide focus their attentions on the Clark's Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot Rivers. Rick Wesiend - longtime Fins & Feathers  shop manager and guide - now lives and works in the area which has allowed us to offer trips in that part of the state. So, whether you're just looking for a quick day out around Missoula or a mulit-day fishing excurison in Western Montana, Fins & Feathers now has you covered there as well.

The rivers in and around Missoula are medium to large-sized western rivers and best fished from a raft or driftboat. These rivers tend to fish very well early (April) and late (September/October), and can be more prone to high water temperatures in the mid-summer months. Although it can be difficult to time just right, the first couple of weeks following the runoff can also be very good, making June a good choice as well. Missoula trip bookings are made with the fly shop in Bozeman by calling us at 1-877-790-5303, e-mail, or book your dates online.

Our guides are all professionals that have several years of experience in fishing the rivers of Montana. We cater to clients with skill levels ranging from expert fly anglers to folks that have never held a rod of any kind. As a result, our guides are well adapted to adjusting their techniques and coaching to all of our guests, regardless of skill level. We appreciate the effort and money that a trip to Montana represents and each of our guides works tirelessly to provide the best experience available.

As with any business, returning customers are the foundations upon which our success has been built. We are fortunate to have a core group of guides that have developed a loyal following of repeat customers year after year. We invite you to experience for yourself the difference a patient, personable, and knowledgeable guide can make in determining the success of your next guided fly fishing adventure to Montana. Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 1-877-790-5303 for more help or to make a reservation.